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About Coexist The Alternative Path

Allow us to introduce ourselves; we are "Coexist - The Alternative Path." We hope you enjoy our metaphysical website.

Coexist is owned and operated by real witches. We are a judgement-free zone respecting all spiritual paths and walks of life. The only thing we don't tolerate are bigots and hateful folk. We don't care what color your skin is, how much you weigh, what your sexual identity or orientation is. Our physical store, Coexist, is a safe place to explore paganism, witchcraft and spirituality without judgement.


Image by Ksenia Yakovleva

Our Metaphysical Shop

One of the most popular items in our metaphysical shop are crystals. We’re always adding to the number of crystals in our shop. Ethically obtained, you will love the prices on all our crystals. We offer affordable crystal jewelry and crystal powders too.

We offer smaller tumbled and raw crystals for sale for pockets, sachets, spell bottles and cages. We also have crystal powders for magical workings and crafting.

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